crossing fingers

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crossing fingers
Sun, 11-14-2004 - 1:01pm
Well today is CD15 for me and in the past this has been O Day for me. So I'm a little nervous today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed too. I just hope that tomorrow my temp goes up. I'm just not sure cause of the fact I'm still BF. DH & I have BDed for the last 2 days and will later today. He told me last night that he didnt have enough energy to BD this morning.....LOL....thats okay me either. Too tired.

Also I have had almost no CM for the past few days which is normal for me. I usually don't get any real CM till CD15 and then on from there.

So please anyone and everyone who can/will keep thier fingers crossed for me that I O today. Then comes the 2ww.....UGH.