FED UP! :(

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FED UP! :(
Fri, 12-30-2011 - 12:00pm
Its seems everyones getting their Christmas BFP ( on here and other places ) and I've not even ovulated yet! I've been so vigilant with being aware of my fertile signs and nothing, just mixed signals. Today I'm full of cold, to tired to move and my eyes are streaming, can't stop sneezing, I'm done with sex, need to recouperate. My BFP time will come, and it will be special, I know. Just got a little obsessed predicting O around xmas and it didn't happen. So for now I'm just going to have to rest and see what the new year brings. Congratulations to everyone celebrating your BFP :) Baby dust to all still waiting xxx
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Sat, 12-31-2011 - 12:59am
Having an expectation like a Christmas BFP and then not meeting it is such a hard let down. When we were TTC our second I had a date in mind that I wanted to be preggo by soooo bad and when it passed I was just a mess- clomid was still failing me at that point. It seemed so unfair. And creating that date in my mind made it that much more of a difficult journey.

I continue to keep all crossables crossed for you that when the time is right, and the stars align ('cause sometimes it seems that's what it takes!) your BFP finds you.

Best & Happy New Year!
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