Frustrated awaiting 1st ppaf

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Frustrated awaiting 1st ppaf
Thu, 06-26-2003 - 1:45pm
I just need to vent, boy this is Deja Vu ( sp?) for me. hx; With ds (now 3yr old) had 1st ppo after coming back from vacation when ds was 14mnths old, did not check temps then until came back home and knew I was post o due to temps were above 98.0 range, so had no clue when o had occurred or how many days post o I was, lo and behold ppaf came 2wks after we came back.

Fast forward to now, nursing dd almost 14mnths, came back from vacation 2wks ago, have no clue when o occurred due to not temping, but I am almost positive o did occur due to temps are high 98.2 and above range, cm is dry to sticky. Why oh why can't I temp consistently, this is driving me crazy awaiting AF! I do think I am at the Least 6-8 days into my lp. Thx for letting me vent.

Anita w/dd Kylie almost 14mnths.

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Sun, 06-29-2003 - 12:14am
Vent away! I think the hardest part about TTC is that we really don't have much control. Our bodies are going to do what they will and we are at their mercy. Its very annoying :-P. I hope she shows up soon, or you get your BFP.