have you ever had a debate with yourself in your head?

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have you ever had a debate with yourself in your head?
Tue, 02-08-2011 - 11:18am


Me-31 DH 35

DS-Daniel 04/06/2005

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HI Jamie :) Well at the very least for now he is opening his mind to it more so then the last time you posted! I think that a girl could a little prog to help things along and just not mention it ! However, I think for it to be most useful you should start taking it right after O next time rather then half way through the 2 ww - having said that, it is entirely possible that it will help you give you that boost you might need this month and the deed will be done :) lol.
I personally think that if god or the universe wants this to happen it will - and giving your body a little help is okay. If you truly believe that He is in control, what will be will be regardless - but it can't hurt to try extra hard right?! Hope that makes sense - I need my morning cup of tea!
Good luck - don't make yourself too crazy with it all - you are on the right path if he is relenting already :)
BFP vibes to you mama,
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Go for it. Since DH is open to possibilities and you definitely want it. If it is part of God's plan then the progesterone will work out!