Hi, on first pp af, cd6, charting, will

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Hi, on first pp af, cd6, charting, will
Thu, 11-18-2004 - 4:37pm

use opk's. I don't have a lot of luck with cp and cm, at least alone. I don't know what to expect this cycle. My temps seem to be normal. Do you know when I should start opking...usually I'd around day 16 because I o'd cd18-21, but I've heard this first cycle could be wacky and long. I want to preggo so bad again. I only have one tube so I know it may take a while, but i'm just not going to think like that! I think I'll hope for great pp fertility! Or maybe just not expecting it will jinx me in a good way!

I still bf once or twice a day is all. I love the morning bf before I go to work. And I can leave him and dh all snuggled in bed.

Cindy and Tyler (11 months).