Hope for those TTC and breastfeeding

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Hope for those TTC and breastfeeding
Sat, 11-13-2004 - 1:26pm
Normally I'm on the EC June 05 board but thought I'd stop over here to say a few words. Just for those that have been ttc and breastfeeding, it is possible to get pregnant! I had a son in March and breastfed him till the end of Sept. I had stopped breastfeeding on a Thursday because I thought I wasn't going to get pregnant doing both and a few days later I took a pregnancy test because I was having lots of normal prego symptoms(nausea, exhaustion, frequent urination) and it was positive, within like 20 seconds! So that means I got pregnant while I was breastfeeding because I was over a week early till my period was expected. From about the 2 month mark and on I had regular periods and at about 5 months I started going through the night without feeding him or pumping. Right before I found out I was pregnant(probably two weeks before) I had cut back on feedings because I wanted to do it gradual versus cold turkey(never had engorged or sore boobs doing this) so I was only doing it about 4-5 times a day so not very often. Hope this helps those who are still TTC.


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