How Soon Can I Test?

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How Soon Can I Test?
Wed, 11-24-2010 - 5:35pm

How soon after O can you test?

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Wed, 11-24-2010 - 8:13pm
I've seen faint lines on the FF positive test gallery as soon as 7 DPO (VERY faint) you should check out the gallery and look up testes at different days past O.
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Sat, 11-27-2010 - 2:01am

I personally have never seen a + more then 12DPO but there are plenty of cases out there that have them showing up 9 DPO etc. .....I think for me I started to feel so disheartened if I tested to early so IMO it is better to wait until at least 10DPO.

Let us know what you decide and GOOD LUCK!