HPT accuracy during breastfeeding

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HPT accuracy during breastfeeding
Wed, 12-22-2004 - 12:57pm
I am on cd34 and 17-19dpo. I have done a hpt and got a bfn on cd29 (fri), cd32(mon), cd33(tue),& cd34(wed). The thing is I am late and I have been feeling pg. Has anyone had trouble with the hpt with breastfeeding? I am going to have a blood test done but I was wondering about this. Please let me know what you think.
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Thu, 12-23-2004 - 10:25am

Breastfeeding should not cause a false HPT result. I have never heard of any study that suggested that, nor have I heard of any nursing woman reporting that she got a false reading. I do know though, that sometimes a pregnant woman will not get a BFP until 22+ DPO. GL


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Sun, 01-02-2005 - 10:35pm


according to TCOYF, the only reason besides pregnancy for elevated temps for greater than 18 days after O (not sure if you are temping or not, but even if you aren't this info might help---) is a corpus luteal cyst. Sometimes (not uncommonly) the CL forms a fluid filled sac, or cyst, and since it doesnt desintegrate, you dont get AF. I had one back when we were TTC our DD. they arent dangerous (just one of those things that you usually dont know that you have and even if you did know about it, you wouldnt do anything but wait for it to resolve itself). dunno if this helps or not, but it might explain why your hpts havent been BFPing---

sending out BFP vibes nonetheless!