I got AF!!!! Now type of isoflavone to take?? Jeska??

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I got AF!!!! Now type of isoflavone to take?? Jeska??
Thu, 01-26-2012 - 8:00am


The wild yam cream seems to have worked! I started my first PPAF yesterday! Yeah! My LO will be 1 on Sat and we night-weaned around the first of December so I'm not sure what exactly did the trick. I didn't get PPAF until 15 months with DS. I used the wild yam for about 10 days and then stopped and AF found me a week later. I was crampy for a couple of days though. Now I'm gonna try some isoflavones but I'm not sure what type is best. Jeska, I know you've done them before. I bought Natural Factors Soy Isoflavone Complex. Is it available in an isolated form? here's the link if you could look I would greatly appreciate it!

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Ohhhh so exciting to see PPAF isn't it? Now to send her away again for a few years :)
I think Jeska is away on holiday right now so don't be surprised if she doesn't answer for a bit. I would help but have no clue about isoflavons so can't help here. Maybe somebody else can chime in in the meantime..... Very happy for you that your plan seems to be working.... :)

Hugs, Jasmine