I hate being right : (

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I hate being right : (
Sun, 05-15-2011 - 11:24am

Dee -- Homeschooling mom of 6 -- Forty-four and praying for 1 more!

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Sun, 05-15-2011 - 3:29pm

I have no words.

My heart aches for you.

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Sun, 05-15-2011 - 4:42pm
There are no words. Please know you will be kept in our thoughts.
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Sun, 05-15-2011 - 10:25pm

Oh Dee! I'm so sorry. My heart really goes out for you. As much as I

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Sun, 05-15-2011 - 10:53pm

So sorry for your losses, Dee. I can't even imagine how painful this must be for you. I hope your family carries you through this difficult time.

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Mon, 05-16-2011 - 2:32am

Oh Dee, I am so sorry, I was really hoping to see something different. I am praying for your peace, I know this is so hard for you. I do hope you have a good birthday despite this. I know God loves you, praying for you ((hugs))


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Mon, 05-16-2011 - 11:23am

I am so sorry for your losses!


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Mon, 05-16-2011 - 12:10pm
That just sucks :( I am very sorry....
Hugs, Jasmine