Joining "on hold" or NTNP bandwagon.

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Joining "on hold" or NTNP bandwagon.
Sun, 12-12-2010 - 10:07am

It's cd 12 and I have yet to temp, partly due to having a long, drawn-out cold.

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Sun, 12-12-2010 - 1:43pm

I hear ya loud and clear.

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Mon, 12-27-2010 - 2:20am
Hi Sari :) I am catching up on my posts finally and wanted to check in with you. I am so sorry that your DH is having a hard time with work - very stressful and upsetting for sure. I am sure that your decision has been hard to come by - I know first hand that putting something on hold or letting it go as best you can is difficult to do. It sounds like you have a good plan that goes well with your life right now and I am very hopeful that you will see that BFP when the time is right for you and your family. Until then, please stay around with us and share your ups and downs. Big hugs :) Jasmine