The longest 9 days ever!

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The longest 9 days ever!
Sat, 07-31-2010 - 8:31pm

Hey girls :) Sooooo - we went this a.m. and had our 2 lovely embryo's put into me :) I was thrilled to hear that both had developed to 8 cells each - perfect for Day 3 development - in fact, one was only 6 cell this a.m. and developed to 8 over the course of a few hours - so amazing.

Anyways, it was quick and painless and interesting to watch on the ultrasound while the catheter was in - the doctor even gave me a little printout of the ultrasound where you can see the little blips of light where they put them. Everything is feeling very surreal right now - I am super positive and super nervous and wow, 9 days is going to feel like forever until I get my first blood test.

Please please please please please please let these babies develop and stick :)

Big hugs, Jasmine


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Sat, 07-31-2010 - 8:57pm

This is soooo cool! I am so excited for you.

Super sticky vibes. I hope you the next 9 days go by as fast as they can.

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Sat, 07-31-2010 - 9:26pm


I'm not sure how I"m going to make it through the next 9 days until we find out something, so I can only imagine what you're feeling like.

Please take it easy, do whatever your RE said to do during this time. I found this, thought it was interesting. It basically says that bding during the 2ww is good. I've always abstained, mostly because after o, I'm kinda burned out, but now I'm thinking I need to rethink. So, do what your RE said, but if you're unsure....



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Sat, 07-31-2010 - 10:37pm
Hey Jasmine!
Sending those two lots of sticky baby vibes! I don't know how you are going to survive these 9 days but hopefully you will be rewarded with a BFP! You deserve these little beans! Waiting to hear some good news!
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Sat, 07-31-2010 - 10:41pm


The whole process of IVF has always amazed me and I never knew the intricacies... Thank you for sharing your journey!!!

I am SOOOOOOOOO excited for you!

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Sun, 08-01-2010 - 12:21am
Oh good luck Jasime. I am so glad both embryos delevoped. I really hope they stick and grow!!!

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Sun, 08-01-2010 - 12:38am

Good luck!!! You can have all my luck this month too (and steel mine from next month -ahead of time- too! (as I'm out for a couple months). I'm really praying for you that this is your time! :)

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Sun, 08-01-2010 - 2:09am

Tossing baby dust and sticky vibes at you and your sister!

Does today count as one down or does the nine start tomorrow? :) I hope they sail by and the last leg of your journey towards your BFP is right around the corner.


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Sun, 08-01-2010 - 8:26am

So if th blood test is on day 9, and they are already 3 days developed, that means that you could start testing as early as 6 days from now, right??


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Sun, 08-01-2010 - 8:54am

Oh, Jasmine! I'm so excited for you. I, too, wonder how the dpo thing works. I remember doing a search for osom test and found info. on the surrogate mother's board. They used two things to count: dp and then dt

Like one girl said she was 7 dpo.....or 2 dp 5dt. Do you know what that means?

At any rate, I hope it goes by fast for you!!!! I'll give you my baby dust this time for real. Prayers going up for you now!

Dee -- Homeschooling mom of 6 -- Forty-four and praying for 1 more!


Dee -- Homeschooling mom of 6 -- Forty-four and praying for 1 more!

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Sun, 08-01-2010 - 11:49am
Hope that next 9 days will pass super quick for you and you will have two lovely bouncy babies in 9 months!!! You sooo deserve it!!!