looks like it might be provera for the second month in a row...

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looks like it might be provera for the second month in a row...
Tue, 07-05-2011 - 6:42pm

CD 37

DPO 17

neg test yesterday.

At least this month it is possible to be pregnant (last month we didn't DTD around O... because of the crazy sinus infection i had). I'm officially off the sterroids that I was taking for my sinuses (10 mg prednisone every other day to keep the sinus issues at bay... it wasn't working anyhow). I think the steroids (that I've been on for almost a year) were starting to affect my cycles - especially the large dosage I had two months ago due to a sinus infection. Ugh.

So I think if AF doesn't show tomorrow I'll call the doctor to get provera... I should have had the test done this cycle to see if my tubes are blocked... but it totally slipped my mind until it was too late in the cycle (we moved that week). I wish I had more hope that I could be pregnant. But i'm fairly certain I'm not. I'm not testing any more... until that doctor's appointment that I'll be scheduling. I'll hold off on testing mostly because I'll just end up spending lots of money on tests... no need.

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Poo :( I was hoping your chart might yield some better results this month.
Let us know what your doctor says.
Feel better mama.
Hugs, Jasmine