Miscarried. Heartbroken after 19 months TTC.

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Miscarried. Heartbroken after 19 months TTC.
Wed, 10-06-2010 - 7:00pm

Again. I don't have many words except why did this have to happen after 19 months TTC. I wished and hoped and prayed for this not to happen. But it did. I might just take a rest this cycle. No temping or anything.I have cried so many tears I feel empty now. I guess I am longtimer destined to be stuck as a longtimer NOT pregnant while all I see are BFPs and baby bellies. I haven't totally sorted out my feeling but the thing I feel is a great sadness. I miss my baby bean.



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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 7:09pm

Oh Heather

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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 7:11pm

Oh, honey.

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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 7:38pm

Thinking of you.

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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 8:38pm

I'm so sorry.

Emily (31) & Eric (28) loving Rose and two pugs :)

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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 10:53pm

Heather, ((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))).

I am so sorry.


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Thu, 10-07-2010 - 6:55am


Terrible sadness and a feeling of emptiness are to be expected.

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Thu, 10-07-2010 - 2:15pm

Oh Heather.

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Thu, 10-07-2010 - 2:46pm

I am so sorry for your loss. Sending P&PTs to you.

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Thu, 10-07-2010 - 7:25pm

Oh Heather,

I'm so so sorry. Huge hugs and some p and pt for healing for your heart.



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Thu, 10-07-2010 - 7:36pm

Thinking of you...