Need help

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Need help
Tue, 08-03-2010 - 5:34pm
I am new to this area. I have a baby who was a year old in July and my husband and I are trying for number 2. I am still breastfeeding. I have PCOS and MTHFR. It took us almost 7 years and 6 miscarriages to have our little girl. Of course I have no way to find out if I have ovulated or not with the PCOS. I was 9 weeks pregnant with our little girl before I found out I was pregnant due to irregular periods with the PCOS. Anyway, does anyone have any advice on getting pregnant while breastfeeding and all these other options. My Dr has kinda given me another year to have a safe pregnancy after that I am pretty much going to be laid up for 9 months. I am already high risk with them.
Anyway, if you have any advice please let me know.
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Tue, 08-03-2010 - 8:57pm

I'm very sorry for the losses you endured during your journey. In general I LOVE the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility for learning lots of general information about increasing your chances of getting pregnant. It teaches you all about signs to look for that the O fairy is on her way, which are especially important when you have irregular cycles (I do as well).

There is also a BF'ing and TTC fact sheet/thread that I found really helpful.. I forget which folder it's in on the site...

Best of luck to you!

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Thu, 08-05-2010 - 1:43pm
I suffer from PCOS and MTHFR too

 PCOS, Insulin Resistance, MTHFR, APS (Hughes Syndrome) and a Mullerian Anomaly  (bicornuate uteru