New and lost!! Ttc while bf 7 month old

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New and lost!! Ttc while bf 7 month old
Fri, 04-27-2012 - 6:27pm
Hi! I'm a new mommy. I'm 37 and after three consecutive m/c we finally got pregnant with our precious baby girl. All natural. Took vitamin b6 and prenatal from conception on and did lunaception and one acupuncture treatment too. Anyway. Yeay!! Had a great easy pregnancy and delivery. Baby just turned 7 months and we are very eager to get pregnant again. I'm 37 do times not on my side.

So how does this work? Can I get pg while breast feeding and no period? I track cm and I did bbt when I conceived daughter. Of course it's not exactly easy for us to bd since we work opp schedules to keep dd out of daycare. Lol. Bd is pretty important to this process eh?

At any rate. I pump twice a day at work and then breast feed dd twice at night and she nurses several times through out the night (4) as we cosleep with her in bed with us and attachment parent. Dh bottle feeds her breast milk during the day. She occasionally eats organic solids and teething biscuits but diet is primarily breast milk. Never had formula.

I want to get preg as soon a possible. Is it possible under my current circumstances? My lmp was dec 2010.

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Sun, 04-29-2012 - 12:47am
Hi Tia and welcome :smileyhappy: Congrats on your sweet baby! It must have been such a triumph after the previous losses you suffered, and am very glad that you had such a nice pregnancy and delivery. I have just turned 40 this year and our #3 just turned 1 years old so don't panic about your age too much yet! I will say that it was not so easy to get her after having #1 at 32 and #2 at 35, so the sooner the better is probably true even though my circumstances are probably different from many (we ended up doing IVF to conceive her)..... I think reading the TTC fact sheet is a great starting point to getting this baby #2 started. Many of us her successfully temp/ chart while nursing even while cosleeping and night nursing etc. I found that I could still get a fairly reliable idea of what my body was doing. You might want to also invest in some OPK's ( you can buy them super cheap off of the internet) to use in conjunction with the temping. BF'ing can throw your body off a bit in terms of cervical mucous/hormone surges so that can be a bit tricky to rely on.....I find myself having tons of patches of EWCM and then the temping and OPK's will really help align all the signs when your body decides to O. I used vitex and vitamin b complex to help get things moving along when we wanted #2...... Try to be patient and give your body a bit more time - that might be all it needs - otherwise the vitex might be a good kick start.
HTH and again, welcome to our little family here - there is lots of great support and wonderful friendships to be found here.
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Sat, 04-28-2012 - 10:20am
Thank you for reaching out to me. I appreciate your feedback very much!
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Sat, 04-28-2012 - 12:14am
I'm very sorry for the miscarriages you had and am thankful your pregnancy was smooth.

It's possible. In the grad section there are lots of mommas who have posted their success stories while BFing. I wish I could you make you promises on when it would happen for you though! We mostly tracked CM... tried Vitex on and off and for us the magic was waiting. For us fertility returned around 18 months PP... but I know for some on the board it has happened much quicker.. and some longer.

Wish you all the best and that your stay on the board is a short one... TTC that is. :)
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