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hi Girls,


I'm joining the club.  Before nursing, I had no idea how well it supressed fertility. I'm here with a 10 month old DS and wanting to get fertile again and sooner rather than later.  I'm 32 and my mom went through early menopause at 35.  I am nursing throughout the day/night but also giving him table food at this point.  I am going to try the vitamin B-6 and Vitex as recomended. I'm open to any other tips and suggestions!


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Mon, 06-11-2012 - 12:28am
Hello and welcome to our board :smileyhappy: I had no idea after our first DS was born that BF'ing would be such good birth control for us either.....I was taking pregnancy test when he was 3 months old and so diligent with my diaphragm for the first while until I figured out it was not necessary!!! My first PPAF came back at 15 or so months PP after #1 was born. With #2 it came back sooner, and I am now nursing #3 (she is 14 months old!)!!!!! and no sign of O or AF at has been different each time. I am not TTC right now otherwise I would probably be on Vitex which proved to be very helpful to getting my cycles on track etc. Make sure your Vitamin B is a B Complex and not just B6 - B50 or B100 is what i used. Also maybe try some Calcium/magnesium supplements as I think those helped me out too. Are you temping/charting at all? Most ladies on our board do that in conjunction with cheap OPK 's they buy off the internet (so you can pee on sticks without guilt lol!) - it is great to see what your body is trying to do and helps take some of the guess work out of it all. Good luck and I hope you stick around for awhile - there is a great support network to be found here. It must be very scary to have the threat of early menopause on your mind. I struggled greatly to conceive #3 and it was very stressful and upsetting. I hope very much for you that you can get pregnant easily. Cheers, Jasmine