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HI and welcome :) I agree with Jeska - it seems that many if not most of the ladies on this board cosleep and are up multiple times a night - I certainly was and still found it possible to temp/chart with reasonable accuracy. I tried to take my temp the same time each morning and made it a habit to just grab the thermometer right when the little one would wake up to nurse - trying to move as little as possible and doing it before getting up to pee etc. If you do it in conjunction with OPK's, I am fairly confident you can get a good handle of what your body is up to.
Glad to have you here and hope you find it helpful and supportive - I have been hanging around here for years lol!
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I've always co slept and had no problems getting accurate BBTs. As long as you track CM it should help make sure it's accurate. You could do OPK as well. Good luck!