please help me find info on charting (m)

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please help me find info on charting (m)
Fri, 09-12-2003 - 2:49pm
I charted my CM and temp for several months before conceiving my DS, now 7 months old. I haven't done any charting since then. I've heard it's harder to do when you're bf'ing. Do any of you think that's true? Can anyone recommend a site where I can learn more about this? Thanks!


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Mon, 09-15-2003 - 11:11am
Since you're already familiar w/charting, I don't think there's that much different. If you haven't had PPAF yet you could chart for quite awhile before the 1st PP O or AF. One of the challenges to charting while bfing is that many times it can be difficult to temp at the same time each day if your waking time is inconsistent due to night nursing. Some people just temp at the same time each day, others temp after 3hrs of consecutive sleep, regardless of the time. Also, bfing can result in a short LP as cycles return to *normal* again. As for the actual exercise of charting, it's not too much different.