Possible to boost fertility w/o weaning?

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Possible to boost fertility w/o weaning?
Fri, 05-02-2003 - 1:27pm
I'm back after a short hiatis. DS will be 2 in 10 days and we have been TTC #2 since Feb. It's clear I'm not Oing. I have EWCM, but OPK always negative. PPAF in July 2002, but AF irregular, about 25-40 days, but I do get AF every month. DS still nurses about 6x day, evenly spaced around the clock. I'm not willing to cut out night feedings, or restrict his nursing b/c he has GERD (reflux) and he doesnt eat or sleep well.

Is there anyway to encourage my body to resume Oing w/o weaning?

Jen w/ Tristan (23 months)

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Sun, 05-04-2003 - 7:11am
Hi Jen, some people have said that there are herbal/vitamin regimes that can help fertility. Vitamin b6 is said to help luteal phase, but that is if you are already ovulating. And I've also heard that vitex/chasteberry can help ppaf return, and maybe it would help you ovulate. I'm sure there are other things out there...I can try and see what I find, I know someone on another list had a nice long list of her "fertility supplements" and I'll try to find that for you. I know it's hard to wait, but I really admire the importance you're placing on your son and his health. Also, you might want to try temping, and make sure that you take opks during ANY patch of EWCM you get, even if it's just one day. I found out that I have a longer patch of EWCM halfway through my cycle, and then just a quick day of ewcm right before my late o...and I have a short luteul phase, so I'm taking B6 for that. But sometimes even fertility "indicators" can be very misleading.

Hope all this helps, best of luck to you!

Jennifer, mama to Peregrine Rose 7/18/01

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Sun, 05-04-2003 - 12:31pm
I don't really have much advice, Jen...but I do agree with Jennifer--temping may be a good indicator for you if you are O'ing. I know some people don't get reliable results with OPKs.

GL to you!!!


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Fri, 05-09-2003 - 12:48pm
Hi Jen. I too am curious about boosting fertility while BF. My cycles have been every 30 days since DS was 9 months old. I've had plenty of EWCM and still not PG. We are getting a little frustrated and I'm thinking that I may have to wean.

By the way, Tristan is a great name. I have a 20 month old named Tristan also.

Good Luck.

Kim w/ Tristan (20 mo)