Post Christmas Celebration

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Post Christmas Celebration
Wed, 12-28-2011 - 8:37am

I posted on here a week or so ago that I would be testing on Christmas morning. Sadly, I was met by a snow white BFN. It was early to test though, so I didn't let it ruin my day. At best I was 9 DPO and possibly

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Wed, 12-28-2011 - 12:48pm
WOo Hoo! Congrats!
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Wed, 12-28-2011 - 1:34pm
Oh wow oh wow! How exciting for you :) I enjoyed reading your POAS saga and loved the ending of the story even more! Prayers for a sticky BFP this time.
Hugs mama,
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Wed, 12-28-2011 - 5:11pm
Congrats on your december bfp! Xxx
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Wed, 12-28-2011 - 7:58pm
agreed! great story! hope you have very happy and healthy nine months!!
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Thu, 12-29-2011 - 8:10am

Congrats - so great to hear!

Hope all goes well for you and your little one :smileyhappy:

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Thu, 12-29-2011 - 8:26am

Oh I am praying for you.