Return of fertility, after #1 & after #2?

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Return of fertility, after #1 & after #2?
Mon, 06-27-2011 - 5:55pm

Question for you ladies with 2 or more

Did your fertility return sooner/later/about the same time after birth when breastfeeding?

Were your nursing, sleeping, weaning, baby wearing etc patterns the same?

With #1 I BF for 12 months and had to completely wean for O to find me at 13 months PP. DD had been sleeping through the night, in her own bed, 9 hours at night no BF from 10 weeks old, 12 hours at night not BF from 6 months old.

With #2, now 3 months old, she has been going 9 hours no BF at night since 8 weeks, she sleeps in her own bed and Im thinking of keeping her in the same routine as #1 and hopefully she will sleep 12 hours no feeding from 6 months. I am much more relaxed this time round though and hoping for a longer gap between pregnancy's. So I plan to feed her more during the weaning process and hopefully 12/18months + depending on how our BF relationship goes. I had a really traumatic pregnancy and birth with #2 and spend much of the day wearing or holding her. I think we are going to need much more bonding time.

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Hi Natalie :) It took 16 months PP after DS #1 was born to get AF back with a little help (Vitex).....After DS#2 was born I got my first AF at about 12 weeks PP!!! It was sporadic after that with long cycles, short LP etc. but it was there ! DS#2 was a much more efficient nurser then #1 - he would eat and then unlatch - no comfort nursing at the beginning . THat did change over time but AF stuck around - I started using vitex at about 6 months PP to try and help regulate things and that did work. Of course, we had other issues in TTC that caused problems....
Now that #3 is here, I am fairly certain I have already had one AF at around 7 weeks PP.....nothing since then but little girl is a very good night sleeper - last night she slept 7 hours in a row which was unheard of for our boys. She does however, nurse a lot in the daytime which makes up for her lack of night nursing most nights.
We are done making babies according to DH :( but I am still curious to see what happens with my body - old habits die hard!
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The first time it was 18 m and the second time it was 12 months. It seems like it comes earlier each time for a lot of women if not most I have heard from. Same routines. All my kids STTN very early, no bottles or paci, limited solids.