Should Duchess Kate publicly breastfeed?

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Should Duchess Kate publicly breastfeed?
Thu, 06-27-2013 - 1:56pm

A British journalist certainly thinks so: 

“(We) need women with power and influence to get their milky bosoms out and feed smiling in paparazzi pictures. Celebrity is depressingly powerful in dictating trends,” Beverley Turner wrote in a column for The Telegraph this week.

“As if there wasn’t enough pressure on her already, what we really need is The Duchess of Cambridge to get her Royal orbs out to feed our future monarch. And to be applauded – not seethed at – for doing so.”

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While I think that if she breastfeedss she would be setting a great example, I also think it's too much prssure to put on any person.  It's hard enough to be a new mom, without people demanding that she parent in a certain way.  They should be able to keep some privacy as they adjust to their new roles as parents, let her be relaxed and not worry about what the public thinks. 

What is your opinion?