So interesting....

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So interesting....
Sun, 04-29-2012 - 12:58am

Baby girl just turned a few weeks ago (!!!!!) and I still have not seen PPAF. What is interesting is that it took 16 months PP to get it back after #1 was born and it came back at around 12 weeks PP after #2 was born. I thought I had it back at around 9 weeks or so after #3 (had to use pads for a few days) but nothing since - tons of patchy fertile like CM but nothing else. Upon reflection I know that I helped get it back the first time around with the use of vitex. #2 was not such a comfort nurser as his brother and slept for longer stretches - I started using vitex when he was about 6 or so months old to regulate my cycles and it worked - to bad my body didn't have any good eggs to send my way and we ended up having so much trouble getting pregnant anyways lol !  Now that Miss baby girl is 1, I keep wondering when AF will show - am really enjoying nursing her without restrictions and worries that she is keeping me from O'ing - it is a much more freeing experience than the first 2 times around - we are cosleeping as usual and she likes her milk at bedtime and in the early morning hours but we get a decent stretch at night. I have not temped or anything like that as we are not TTC per DH's wishes, but are not using protection either - just P&P lol.......since we did IVF for her, I just don't see the point in him getting the big V but of course, I would have no problem with any possible surprises (that said, am not holding my breathe lol ) that is my rambling for tonight - thank you if you read it and/or understood it  :smileyhappy: I just thought it was interesting to note how my body has responded to nursing each time. BF'ing is definitely reliable birth control for this momma!