Taking Action

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Taking Action
Thu, 02-17-2011 - 3:20pm
I know I haven't been trying for "long" but when I get AF in a few days we will be in our 5th cycle of ttc. I have a feeling that my cycles are messed up because of the late Oing and varying LP's. I went to see my Doc today and he decided to run some blood tests to make sure my bodying is producing proper hormone levels as it should. Bottom line, he said if I am not pregnant by June, we will investigate further. I am happy about that decision and feel it is a reasonable time period. But I just feel so frustrated with my body! I don't even have hope for this cycle because I already feel my lower back burning, as it does in the days before AF. I feel like a terrible person for feeling my stomach sink every time I hear so and so is pregnant. I got pregnant with DS while on the pill at 24! I am now 26 what could have possibly changed since then? UGHHH nature sucks sometimes!!!
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Thu, 02-17-2011 - 8:35pm

It's good to have a plan. Thankfully you are very young and your fertility should return to normal soon! I understand the yearning for a baby


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Fri, 02-18-2011 - 2:36am
Yay for having a plan - it always made me feel better to know what our next steps would be - even if it took more time then I wanted it to. Hang in there - your time is coming :)
Hugs, Jasmine