Thank goodness its the party season, makes the waiting go quicker

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Thank goodness its the party season, makes the waiting go quicker
Tue, 12-13-2011 - 10:50am

waiting to ovulate, waiting to test, its only when i find a quiet moment in my day i realise im waiting for something!

to be honest the last 2 weeks since AF arrived have gone rather quick, lots of Christmas activities going on. How I wish I had a 28 day cycle, DH and I could be making a baby tonight ;) but no I have long cycles 40-50 days, im seeing it as a blessing not a curse.

CM and CP seem to be improving, building up to O, and I have OPKs to play with this cycle as would like to get some more BDs in. Didn't conceive the last 3 cycles, but keeping the faith and the hope that December will be our month :)

I also have 10miu hpts and im laying off the POAS habit until after 14dpo, new years will power

With more festiviies planned for the next 2 weeks the time should fly!

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I hope this is your month.

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Glad time is passing by quickly for you both. It does go by so fast around the holidays. I'm just realizing this is the 3rd Christmas I've been pregnant for! No wonder they all fly by!

Natalie- No POAS until 14DPO?! ;) I'mma hold ya to it momma! j/k!
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