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Off topic....
Tue, 12-14-2010 - 6:45pm

time to share a little bit that I've been holding back here... remember my husband's "new job" a while ago... it has a facebook page now. :) Shhh... I'm not sure if I'm really allowed to share this even. But since it's only a couple months away I don't see why not. I believe this is to air in march... a little glimse into the crazieness I"ve been enduring!

and my good friend Courtney will be on Biggest Loser next season!!! She was on ET recently. She's the daughter on the light blue team! :) Her season will start in january.

Please pray for my DH... as this is really a hard time for him. And easily the hardest year of our marriage!

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Tue, 12-14-2010 - 7:55pm
Oh thats great! I am sure it has been very tough for both of you. I will keep you and your DH in my prayers.
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Wed, 12-15-2010 - 3:17pm

well that is exciting!


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Fri, 12-17-2010 - 12:16am

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Mon, 12-20-2010 - 8:18pm
Hey - Sorry I didn't reply sooner. We were on holiday and just got back :) What awesome and exciting news you have been holding in - so glad you could finally share and very glad for you and DH that this might be the answer to your prayers :) Hugs and best of luck to you both - I hope 2011 brings more joy!