TTC and exclusively pumping

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TTC and exclusively pumping
Wed, 09-15-2004 - 12:23pm
I have been exclusively puming for DD since she was born via c-section on 2/1/04 and we have been TTC since 6 weeks PP (since AF arrived). I am currently pumping 3x/day for about 20-30 minutes at each session

I had AF on:

March 18-24

April 18-21

May 17-22

June 15-20

July 15-19

August 19-25

So she "should" be arriving anytime.... I O'd around the 4rd. DH was gone over the weekend so we were only able to do the "baby dance" on the 2nd, 6ths and 7th.

for the past 4 days or so my nips have been more sensitive than ususal. no other PG symptoms. (I didn't have any "symptoms" when i got PG with DD).

wondering if I am just getting my hope up or not.

I bought a 1st response pg test and it said you could use it as early as 4 days before your expected AF.. wondering if i should test now or wait another week


Exlusively pumping

for Samantha 2/1/04

and TTC#2



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Sat, 09-18-2004 - 9:07pm
You certainly could test now and know for sure if you are pg. Sensitive nipples are also an AF symptom. Hate that the "symptoms" are so similar or exact for some of us. I am not a tester so I say wait a few more days rather than waste a test. JMO.

Good Luck and +++ vibes!


P.S. Most peope just go ahead and test though! LOL