Update on me & TTC

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Update on me & TTC
Fri, 12-17-2004 - 4:11pm

As of yesterday the 16th this is what news I had:

I finally got my OPK+ this afternoon both lines are the same. I even tested twice just to be sure...LOL!! I am so happy that I won't be icon_egg.gif late like last cycle. smilies-happyforyou.gif

I am soooo very happy can you all tell...LOL!! Wait till I tell DH, actually show him I saved my OPK. Guess what we're doing tonight...hehehe. smilies-bd.gif

Good luck to everyone and whatever you all need. Now I have to wait for the temp to climb and then the wait till I can HPT.

As of today the 17th this is my news:

Well today I got a negative on my OPK. We also didn't end up smilies-bd.gif when I came to bed last night. After getting my toddler settled. I tried to wake DH but he wouldn't wake up enough then back to sleep he went. Oh well my temp this a.m. was the lowest its ever been. So thats a good sign. DH and I will smilies-bd.gif tonight no matter what...LOL!

I look at a few other charts in FF


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Sat, 12-18-2004 - 12:42am

Congrats on your +opk, I hope this is your month. FF has got me all messed up, but I think there might be a chance I'm Oing today too. Too bad I don't have any opk's on hand. Good Luck and ******babydust*******