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Mon, 03-07-2011 - 12:54pm
Can anybody tell me how to use vitex. Im not even sure where to buy it or how much of it I should take. Is it like a vitamin pill? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Mon, 03-07-2011 - 2:38pm

Well...I'm taking 2000mg daily. One 1000mg pill in the am and one in the pm. I believe this is around the max recommended amount. So far I have not seen an improvement in my luteal phase, but I've only been supplementing for one cycle so we'll see! I have not seen any decrease in milk production or any other issues questioned with vitex. One of my coworkers had great success with Vitex supplementation so I am hopeful it will work!

I have read that Vitex should only be used until ovulation because it is unknown how it will affect the developing embryo, but I have also read that vitex takes awhile to build up in your system and therefore should be used consistently through your cycle until your BFP. I've decided to take it until I see a BFP. I have not seen or read any documented studies or cases where Vitex has caused harm for the few days before seeing a BFP, but you gotta go with what you feel is right for you!

Hope this helps!

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Tue, 03-08-2011 - 1:40am
I used a liquid vitex - also called Chaste Berry / Agnus Cactus. The liquid is kind of yucky tasting but I would mix it in a tiny bit of water or else just put the drops under my tongue and suck it up! (they work faster/better then the pills from what I understand).
You should follow the instructions on the bottle but I remember it said take up to 3 x day (as many drops as stated on label) - can be bought in most health food/vitamin stores.....maybe try Whole Foods or can be bought on line from herb shops.
I always took it from Af to O and then would maybe half my dose for a few days after confirmed O. As Finleysmom said, it has been thought to be dangerous to use when pregnant -- this always made me nervous so was sure to temp and watch for O.
I think I have a link in our info section that I can bump up for you too!
Hope this helps :)