Waving hello....

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Waving hello....
Fri, 08-13-2010 - 5:08pm

Just wanted to say hi. I'm still around, but just trying to accept that at 44 the chances just aren't that good anymore. My little one still nurses, mostly just at night or if he's tired, but not for long or consistent. He's 27 months on Sunday....sigh.

I had the 9 week m/c in March and then the CP in May(+++ tests for a week that went negative and then AF showed) June and July, had very normal lp and then I ovulated on day 13 last Thursday. Not a huge deal I guess, but was surprising as I have always been day 14 or 15. I hear ovulation moves up as we enter menopause.....sigh.

Funny thing is that last night I woke up with my hand asleep. I don't know why, but that is always something that happens in early pregnancy for me. Probably just a silly coincidence. My only other symptom would be a big pimple so not much of anything at 8 dpo.

I keep wondering when I'll stop counting the days each month and secretly hoping....

Anyways, good luck ladies, hope all your ++++ dreams come


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Fri, 08-13-2010 - 5:28pm


Thanks for stopping by! I'm sorry that you're struggling...

Hopefully, there's still a good egg in there just waiting to hatch into a bean......

and, maybe those signs aren't so silly :) fingers crossed!!

good luck,
karen lynn

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Fri, 08-13-2010 - 7:16pm


Hi!!! Glad to hear from you. I'll be turning 43 in less than a month, so I'm right behind you. FWIW, I don't think that 44 is too old. At all. If you haven't read it, "The Infertility Cure" has lots of good info on how to increase egg quality and bump up fertility for us AMA mamas. I highly recommend the book. I'll recommend it even more if I get a bfp soon :)
I'm so sorry to hear of your losses. How miserable :(

I wouldn't worry too much about cd 13 instead of 14 or 15. I think as long as you're past cd 10 or so, your body still has time to do what it needs to do. It could have just been a fluke. Maybe it was a crazy ripe egg that was bursting to get to the finish line!

I'm sorry you're having a tough time. TTC over 40 is certainly not what it is for those in the younger age groups, that's for sure. It is a long hard road, and when you add in the bfing, it's really difficult, but not impossible (I hope!).


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Wed, 08-18-2010 - 2:40am

Hi Kathy :) It is so nice to hear from you again - I always wonder where people disappear to as I hang on here year after year !

I do hope there is one more in there for you - and maybe this month with your hand thing, this will be it. Please let us know and keep checking in when you have time!

big hugs, Jasmine