What do you like about breastfeeding?

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What do you like about breastfeeding?
Fri, 05-25-2012 - 1:19pm

I always enjoy reading what breastfeeding brings to a mother's life, please share what you like about it! 

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Mon, 06-11-2012 - 12:38am
I agree with the PP - there is just nothing like knowing that you are nourishing this amazing little person that you helped create. It blows my mind that they can grow and flourish on just my milk alone. I love the late night nursing sessions, I love the smell of little milkie breath, I love the milk face "coma" they get after a session and the sometimes little dribble of milk that comes out of the corner of their mouth when they are done, I love being able to nurse in the middle of the night without getting up and making/heating up bottles, I love being able to comfort her so easily, I love that breast fed baby poop doesn't really smell (lol!), I love the convenience of going out and not having to bring bottles etc, I love that I (selfishly!) am the only one that can do this job of feeding my baby and cherish being the center of the baby universe for just awhile! I love how excited her little face gets now that she is older and she wants her milkies - she bounces in my lap and starts tugging at my shirt - so freaking cute! I love how milk in the morning helps her to sleep longer and snuggle in for a nap. Breastfeeding has been a million times more rewarding then I ever imagined it would be and I was a person that always thought I would only nurse for a few months and that if they could "ask for it" etc., it was weird....am ashamed of how uneducated I was! Great question Melissa! Jasmine