When does AF (fertility) return?

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When does AF (fertility) return?
Fri, 11-12-2004 - 6:36pm
Hi --

I'm new to this board, although not new to iVillage. I had a question about breastfeeding and fertility and this seemed like the perfect board to post it on!

I'm still feeding Taia exclusively breastmilk, EBM during the day because I work and breastfeeding at night and on weekends. My goal is to give her only breastmilk until she's a year old. I'm just wondering how this will affect my fertility.

DH and I definitely want to have at least 1 more child and since I just turned 38, we need to start sooner rather than later. However, I haven't gotten my period yet, so am probably not fertile at this point. I'm just wondering how much I'd have to wean Taia off of the breast before I will get my period? I'm sure this varies from person to person, but I'd like to have a general idea if anyone knows.

Regardless of the answer, I'm going to try to breastfeed Taia until at least the 1 year mark, unless she self weans before then, but I doubt she will. She's really not interested in solid foods yet. But I was just interested if anyone knew about when your fertility returns?



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Wed, 11-17-2004 - 6:54pm

Hi! I BF and pumped with my second child and AF returned after 4 months though I did not get PG again until my DD was 11 months old. (even though we tryed during that time.)
My third DD I am still BF (not pumping) and she is 14 mo. olds. AF returned briefly after 4 mo. and again after 8 mo. and then exclusivly when she was 11 mo. old. We are currently TTC but has not succeded. (We are on to cycle 5) I found that when I pumped AF returned earlier then when I strictly BF. But still took 7 mo. to get PG again.
When my third DD was smaller, I found that if I missed feedings or went long periods of time between feedings, that was when AF returned briefly...but I would kick up the BFing and AF would go away. That is until it returned full force. It has been 4 mo. since AF came back and I am yet to be PG. I will be interested to see if I have to wait 7 mo. again this time. Since I stopped pumping with my second DD when she was about 11-12 mo. I don't know how that will compare to my currently BDing my third DD and TTC. At times I feel like BFing is hindering my plans to conceive, but I am not going to stop. I have cut down, so who knows.

Well now that you are probably totally confused (I think I even confused myself) I will leave you with lots of GL and baby dust!



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