How long did it take for LP to be normal

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How long did it take for LP to be normal
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 11:58am
I have had 4 cycles, my first two were annov., last cycle I O'd but not till day 26 and then had a 6 day LP, now this cycle I am on 3dpo and really hoping I have a normal LP and get a BFP. I have been taking B6 since the beginning of last cycle and I weaned my daughter at the beginning of this cycle. How long did it take for your LP to be normal?
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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 10:47pm
I got first PPAF at exactly 16 months PP. I did O before that, and LP was 7days.

C1 - C5 had a LP of 8 days.

C6 (I took B6) had an LP of 12 days, with spotting at 12dpo

C7 (No B6) was confusing, could have been 8 days again - O masked by conflicting CM/CP and early high temps.

C8 LP was 13 days (No B6)

C9 = pg :)

I was still breastfeeding a lot - especially at night.

Good luck!!!!


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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 8:28am
I had an anovulatory PPAF, then it took two months to get another cycle. LP was 11 days that first time, then increased to 12 days, where it remained until I conceived 6 months later (while still nursing 3-4times/day).


~Tracy, 30w3d with #3

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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 7:51pm
I haven't weaned yet, but have had PPAF since 14 mos post partum on the dot. DS will be 19 mos on Tuesday. First cycle was 60 days long, LP of 8 days. Second cycle was in the 32 range, LP 9 days. You see where this is going? My longest LP is 10 days but the 10th day was spotting. I am hopeful this is the one for me, but who knows. I O'd earlier this month (CD 20 instead of 23 or much beyond).

So I don't know if this helps, but in my experience it seems that a good 3-5 months worth of cycles might be necesary for some women to get back to normal length LPs. I have sortof night weaned by this cycle so I'm hopeful that the CD 20 O date as well as the night weaning may contribute to a BFP this month.

GL to us both!

Karen and Liam, 9/1/01

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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 5:33pm
I had first PPAF at 13 mo (2 weeks after stopping minipill--so glad I know how to chart now and will never have to be on the pill again...but that's another discussion :) The first LP was 9 days, #2 was 10 days, #3 was our first TTC cycle, and it was a 6 day, wacky chart, LP. This cycle, #4, is currently 11 days...I'm thrilled with that! I agree, it seems to take most people a few cycles to get back into it. Oh, the amount of breastfeeding really hasn't changed in that time, Erik was night weaned around the time I got my first PPAF, and has nursed about 4 times a day since then.