I need an owner's manual...

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I need an owner's manual...
Fri, 01-22-2010 - 10:22am

I think I'm defective!!

Please look at my chart and tell me what's going on... could this be a random anovulatory month???

I'm now on the 5th consecutive day of +opks that are getting darker... my temps are rising, but FF still will not give me an O date b/c the +op..

On cd 11-13, I had what I thought were + opks, but since cervix was high but not soft, no ewcm, and temps didn't seem to rise too much--- I thought maybe I read too much into them. I always use the same brand, and always have a fade in pattern that is as dark as, then darker, then fades back out... cd11-13 seemed to be "as dark as" but never went darker--- so i just took them out of the chart on FF...

now, I have these really dark +opk, rising temps, but still no detected O date...

I put the original +opks back on the chart just for reference---

can anyone clue me in on what's going on??? so confused!!

:o) thanks a gazillion!!

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Fri, 01-22-2010 - 11:39am

Karen lynn,

You're not defective. Silly, maybe, but not defective ;P

Out of any of these opks, are any darker than the control line? I think you just are having a huge lh surge this month, for whatever reason.

I've had times of really worrying about opks and why my temp did/didn't jump, and what was going on. It always makes sense within a few days.

There is one other possibility, but it's a long shot, and that's if you did o earlier. Didn't you say everyone in your house got sick? Did you? Cuz that could make your temps lower (usually higher, but sometimes lower). This is a real long shot, but I guess what I'm beating around the bush to is do you think you could be pregnant? That would be the other reason an opk can be positive day after day....But, like I said, it's a total long shot, and I feel kind of bad getting your hopes up.....
Realistically, I think you o'd on cd 18 or 19 and you can probably just ignore the silly opk's.



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Fri, 01-22-2010 - 1:38pm


Thanks for the laugh and potential scenarios!! I have to agree that "silly" could be a realistic character adjective, especially these days on this crazy ttc journey :o)

The first 3 +op (cd 11-13) were all the same color as the control... ALL 5 of the most recent ones are DARKER than the control and getting darker by the day. I didn't feel well on cd 15, which didn't have any impact on the opk and didn't seem to affect temps too much... Also, felt under the weather on cd 19 (stomach upset, metallic taste in mouth and really sore nipples when nursing-- I asked DH and he said that he didn't have the metallic taste or sore nips :o) but by then the next round of +'s had already begun and i was better by the next day. Nothing is impossible to me anymore, so maybe those 2 days did impact more than I realized!

From the looks of it, cd 18 does seem to make the most sense-- given the crazy temp jump, +opk, and good cm... I'll have to see what FF does if I over-ride to make opk the determining factor...

I'm officially out of opks, so even if I wanted to, I couldn't drive myself crazy with them anymore! I REFUSE to go out and get more this cycle!!! (I hope I can stick to that-- I'm already wondering what tomorrow's would look like... this truly is a sickness, I'm convinced-- hehe) I guess I'll just wait out the next couple weeks and see what happens... don't want to do an hpt just for the overwhelming chances (realistically) that that's not what's causing this...

Before my m/c, my cycles flip-flopped from 27-35 days.. since the m/c every cycle was 27-28 days with O at cd 13-14... last month was a 25-day cycle and it looks like this month may end up being a 32-day cycle if O was on cd 18... so it seems that my body didn't like the regularity thing and has opted for driving me even further into the crazy abyss...

Thanks, as always, for your time and consideration!!!

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Sat, 01-23-2010 - 5:56pm

You can have + opk and not ovulate. Sometimes women have more than one LH surge per cycle (just to keep us hopping, I guess!). I would be inclined to think your second set of + opk's and temp increase were it, but time will tell. Since it came back down to your earlier temps, FF probably won't make much of it unless it goes back up again.

I had some crazy cycles for, oh, about a year, before I went back on Vitex and added in some Red Raspberry Leaf tea. This cycle is by far the closest to what I had prior to getting pregnant. It seems to have leveled out the hormone imbalances. Plus, no more caffeine and some working out to improve blood flow down south. I'm at the "try anything" stage but still trying to keep it natural.


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Sun, 01-24-2010 - 6:26am
i dont really know whats going on with your chart but if it was mine i might be a bit excited that i might be pg. due to the fact opks can be used as hpts, then again its prob
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Sun, 01-24-2010 - 9:24am

Thanks everyone! I'm still confused.. I appreciate all the feedback though!

Yesterday, I put FF on FAM for detecting O and it put it at cd 18--- I just needed to SEE some kind of indicator that something was detected on my chart...

then today, I added my temp and stuff and put it back on advanced to see what happened AND I got crosshairs at cd13 which is my normal O date... SO, fingers crossed that is accurate b/c I was beginning to get discouraged that cycles were getting worse a year into the process rather than better :o( If FF is right about cd 13, I should be due for AF any day now-- which, after the mess of this month, would be a relief...

I hpt-ed this a.m. along with the opk and the hpt was a bfn but the opk was still a darker than control-line... I have an appt on 2/9, so maybe I'll bring all my little test sticks and charts and ask the doc what the heck is up with my malfunctioning parts :o)

big hugs to all and thanks for the support!

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