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Thu, 01-22-2009 - 2:42am

Hey when are you testing??? Your chart is looking good!!!! Baby baby baby dust to you :)


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Thu, 01-22-2009 - 9:11am

I tested this morning and saw a faint line, but then it went away so BFN :( It is only 10DPO so I am hoping it is to early and will test again in a couple days or tomorrow:) I am using some older expired HPTs that where left over from a clinical trial at work, so they may not be as sensitive as they once where since they have expired. I have been feeling really bloated and crampy. Temp went down a little today, so maybe AF is right around the corner - time will tell! I just wish I could look ahead to the next 10 days and see if I get a BFP or AF - I feel good about this month, so we will see.

Thanks for checking in - I will keep you posted!