OPKs and Saliva test? using both?

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OPKs and Saliva test? using both?
Mon, 12-15-2008 - 7:49pm

I've been charting using an Ovulation Microscope (saliva test) for

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Mon, 12-15-2008 - 11:15pm

I myself haven't used the microscope yet, but I've always thought that it'd be a good indicator of what's coming up. I'm very stingy with test strips for OPK since I think they can be very costly for a bfing gal--you don't ever know if you're O'ing, 2 weeks, or PG! I'd say to wait till you see ferning and then check. I'd also be temping and checking CM religiously as CM is a good indicator (for me at least!). Have you been doing those things?

Have you had any spotting at all throughout the months? Sounds like you aren't O'ing if you aren't getting AF back. How is bfing going? Do you night-nurse? If you kind of want to jumpstart things you might look into changing things up. My AF came back when my DS and I took a 2 day car trip. I nursed him in his carseat a lot during the trip and he wanted to nurse at night (which he usually doesn't) but that changing of times and length did it for me! So lengthening the time (just a little) b/w nursings can work or just changing up times and length can affect it. Just a suggestion to help bring things along. You also might want to try some Red rasp. leaf tea too, helps things down there!

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Thu, 12-18-2008 - 2:07am

Hi and Welcome :) I have an ferning microscope but honestly have not had much luck with it in past and now it sits in my drawer......OPK's have been much more helpful as has temping/charting - I have also had great luck with my Fertility monitor. Having said that, I have heard many good things about the scope so maybe mine just sucks! I would caution you from just using it however as with BF'ing you will get many mixed signals of fertility with your hormones being kind of mixed up.......it is common to get hormone surges that don't result in O'ing necessarily and patches of EWCM that are just patches and not the real deal. I think if you use a variety of methods to track your fertility you will have a much clearer picture of what is happening with your body and when......
If you are not getting AF yet, then you are not ovulating BUT that is not to say that you can't or won't soon so watch for the signs and get BD'ing when you see them and maybe you will catch that elusive first egg!

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Thu, 12-18-2008 - 8:50am

The saliva scope tests for estrogen and the OPKs test for LH. So two different hormones. Your saliva scope should show ferning several days before ovulation. The OPKs will show a positive for LH surge just 1-2 days before ovulation. So no, they will not have positives at the same time.

It would probably be wise to only use the OPK a day or two after you show ferning on your saliva scope.

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