sick again :(

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sick again :(
Sat, 11-17-2012 - 11:04pm

Once again I have a very sick little girl and my own throat is getting more and more sore as the day has  gone by. In fact I'm stalling going to bed because I dread what I'll feel like when I wake up. Adelaide is on antibiotics, bronchitis and an ear infection. I've never heard her cough this terrible. 

I guess I can tell you now. I sent an e-mail to Melissa that I'm stepping down as CL. I want to assure you that the bugs and irritating things that are going on with the boards will end and remind you that they are only temporary. It will get better. Anytime you work with electronic things there are always hiccoughs, it just goes with the territory. We ivillagers are tough though aren't we? 

I guess it's 11pm and not gettign any earlier. Since my little girl has woken up screaming almost daily for the last 2 weeks and now is sick I should get rest while I can. Isn't God wonderful to give us the strength and love that makes it a blessing to hold our babies at 2am? It sounds crazy I know but I love to have those horrid middle of the night moments with Adelaide where even though we are exhausted and mabe both a little frightened we are snuggleing and making memories for a time when she will be too big to hold on my lap in the middle of the night...

I'll still be around as Cl for another week and I'll be popping in at other times too, I'm sure.