God has a plan for you

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God has a plan for you
Thu, 12-20-2012 - 12:05pm

Hi ladies.

Some of you may remember me, others may not. I started coming to the iVillage TTC boards back in December of 2009 when my hubby and I first began trying. We tried with no success for almost 2 years when we finally decided in August of 2011 to go to the doctor and see if we could find out what was wrong. Well, that was a devastating time in our lives, as we found out that we cannot have biological children. My husband is 35, I am 29....we never would have guessed that this could happen to us. Through that difficult time, I kept hearing the Lord whispering in my ear, "I have a plan for you, be patient."

We began researching about adoption. I came across some interesting information about something called embryo adoption. Basically, couples that have undergone IVF and have extra embryos left after their family is complete can donate those embryos (or adopt them out) to families that cannot have biological children. We felt drawn to this adoption option. God sent a few strange signs to us about the clinic we are working with being the right one, and drew us also to an adoption agency that focuses on this type of adoption. We have spent almost a year now going through the homestudy process and matching process.

On December 3, 2012, we received a phone call from our adoption agency. A family with 4 embryos had chosen us to donate their little embabies to. Wow. We are so excited. Right now we are in the process of contracts and paperwork, then we will move to have the embryos shipped to our clinic and schedule a transfer (possibly in February or March 2013) and pray to God that I will become pregnant and be able to carry my adoption child to term and become a mom.

Through all of this, we have had many times of feeling discouraged and upset. We have cried, been angry and all of the emotions you can possibly imagine. But one thing we know for a fact: God is good. He loves us with a love we cannot even imagine....and we feel that He has put this desire to be parents in our hearts because we will be parents.

When you are feeling upset, alone, discouraged, angry, sad....remember that He loves you! He has a plan for you...and His plan is MUCH greater than anything you could have come up with in your wildest dreams.

Many blessings & love,