2nd beta in... seems okay I think

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2nd beta in... seems okay I think
Tue, 05-18-2010 - 3:29pm

I don't know when I O'd so I have to just cite this by gestation

Faint positive test at 30 days gestation
HCG 198 at 31 days
HCG 721 at 34 days

sounds okay?

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Tue, 05-18-2010 - 9:01pm


The hCG Calculator says you are good! I'm not permitted to post the site, it is a violation of iVillage rules.

"Assessment: The Two-Day hCG rise was 137 % and is considered adequate."

The only list "adequate" and "inadequate". 137% is A OK!


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Tue, 05-18-2010 - 10:19pm
Yes, what Libby said :)



Susan V

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Wed, 05-19-2010 - 2:14am
That looks really good to me! Congrats!


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Wed, 05-19-2010 - 4:30pm


Your numbers look great!


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Thu, 05-20-2010 - 3:47pm

Congratulations on your pregnancy, Melinda!

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Fri, 05-21-2010 - 1:12pm
Those numbers look great. Happy and healthy 9 months to you!

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