Bedrest due to high bp

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Bedrest due to high bp
Wed, 01-30-2008 - 10:56pm

It's hard to type while lying down, lol!

My chronic hypertension has been gradually getting out of control since December.

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Thu, 01-31-2008 - 7:18am


Well this is challenging news... while a rest would be nice (of that I am certain), to use up all your time off is a big problem. And what the he!! - 6 weeks off only ?!?! - is that usual? I am Canadian, so this is really short in relative terms. While I work for myself - I'd give myself 3 months completely off, and then a few more months 1/2 time - for sure! Those with more traditional employment get up to a year albeit at a reduced rate of pay. I do recall that you took this job during the pregnancy, so perhaps that changes things.

Long story short - you need to do what your body needs you to do. Rest, it necessary. Work - but only if you can. Maybe your employer could be more generous if you ask them? If not, the healthy and welfare of mother and baby is more important than $$, and I am sure you can get by if absolutely necessary on the lower amount.

What about being induced? I know you are a natural kind of girl... but maybe the baby needs a little push? Just brain storming here... you don't want to get into preclampsia range.

Anyway, if this means you'll be around the board more, that at least we caught a break!

Best wishes... and if you get bored at home, post more or e-mail.

Your time is short now, Stella, just do what you can to be comfortable, healthy and safe... the rest will work itself out somehow.

Your Board pal and unworthy CL "replacement",


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Thu, 01-31-2008 - 8:31am

You're baby girl will be here any day now, yeh!! I know bedrest is very difficult, but it's not worth any risk to yourself to sneak in for those few hours. They'll get by without you until your back.

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Fri, 02-01-2008 - 1:20pm

Good luck, Stella, with whatever you decide! I'd find bedrest tedious, having walked for a couple of hours every day right up to the day before Anna was born! But you dont want to be sick when your little girl arrives, especially as you're going to have to spread yourself around Ewan and her so that he wont feel jealous!