Beta #2 -- and a scare

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Beta #2 -- and a scare
Mon, 11-12-2007 - 3:34pm
My second beta today was an "awesome" 564. Which was a good thing because yesterday morning I woke up and was spotting. It only lasted a couple of hours, but it scared the beejeepers out of me. I've since learned it's particularly common in IVF pregnancies. What a relief! My ultrasound is scheduled for 11/26.


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Mon, 11-12-2007 - 3:49pm
I was afraid to open your post from the heading.



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Mon, 11-12-2007 - 4:23pm

Phew....I was afraid to open as well.

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Mon, 11-12-2007 - 5:01pm

Spotting is fairly normal, especially if it's brown blood (e.g. old blood).

CONGRATS on your great numbers! So happy for you!!!!



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Mon, 11-12-2007 - 5:58pm

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Tue, 11-13-2007 - 8:55pm
Glad your numbers look great and that the spotting stopped.

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