Checking in at 20 weeks

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Checking in at 20 weeks
Sun, 05-25-2008 - 4:45pm

Hello everyone,

I haven't posted for months, and haven't even been following along as Libby's news was posted way down the list. Congrats Libby!

I just went over 20 weeks, and found out the week before last we are having a healthy baby girl. The process of going for the amnio was way more stressful than I thought it would be, and was certainly uncomfortable, but I am so glad to have all the chromosomes counted and in the right place.

The rest of the pregnancy is a tale as old as time -- eating, sleeping and fighting nausea. In fact, that is why I haven't been online. In my mind, this board make me so sick to my stomach! Of course, it was the morning sickness, but I found it tainted many things I had formerly enjoyed.

My sister-in-law had a baby last week, and did not gain 20 pounds for the whole pregnancy. I am afraid I am going to have her beat in about 2 weeks. I just can't stop eating!

I am enjoying prenatal yoga and am hoping and planning for a really wonderful natural childbirth experience. It is funny how these things can work out though, so I am open to whatever comes next.

Lovely to see you all here!

Elizabeth, married 18 years, conceived quickly at 41 temping and chatting on this board

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Sun, 05-25-2008 - 6:23pm

Awesome update! Sooooooo glad that the amnio came back with great and reassuring results. You can now enjoy the rest of the pregnancy... or at least the parts that aren't awkward, painful or nauseating!!

Best of luck and P&PT for an uneventful rest of your pregnancy and an easy delivery and a happy, healthy little girl!

From one Elizabeth to another - you are in my thoughts!


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Sun, 05-25-2008 - 8:51pm
Congrats Elizabeth on the great amnio news!! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and check in to let us know your progress! Is this your 1st child??


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Mon, 05-26-2008 - 9:50am

You sound great, Elizabeth. Time to start buying some PINK!

Good luck with everything and KUP.


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