Grad with Baby Girl

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Grad with Baby Girl
Wed, 07-14-2004 - 2:29pm
I wanted to share my story. I first came on the boards over a year ago. Since then I have graduated to the October 2003 Playgroup. (although they are soooo young there, LOL)

I was 40 years old when I married. My DH and I wanted to try right away to get pregnant. After about 5 months of trying, I called my GYN. I did not wait or waste time, continuing to try. That would be my first word of advice. Try a few months, then go to your GYN. If they are reluctant to see you, explain your age and the need to be seen right away. Luckly, I have a great GYN and she took me right away. We did the usual tests, including the blood work. Well my prolactin levels were very high. What that means is that my body was acting has if it was already pregnant. prolactin is the hormone used to create breastmilk. although I had no signs of BM or problems, she sent me for an MRI. They detected a small benign tumor on my brain, which is where the prolactin was coming from.

My GYN sent me directly to a specialist. He prescribed Dosinex (sp?) which I started to take right away. He said it would take about 2 to 3 months to get my levels back to normal. Well, it took a bit quicker then that. within a month I was pregnant. They were all pretty amazed also. I had a wonderful pregnancy and easy child birth. My baby daughter was born on October 22, 2003. I was 42 years old when I had her.

If you are over 35 years old, please do not wait. Go with your gut and be firm about what you want to do. There could be an underlying problem as to why you are not becoming pregnant. Also, testing takes time. So you need to allow time for that to be completed. And finally, try not to stress. Me and my DH were trying all kinds of crazy things trying to get pregnant. I am sure the Dosinex is what ultimatly did the trick, but we also were not stressed during that time, thinking there was no way we would get pregnant during that time period.

Good Luck!


and Hannah 10/22/03

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Wed, 07-14-2004 - 5:26pm
Hi JoAnn,

Thank you so much for sharing your great story!! You and Hannah inspire us all!!

I was also 40 when my DH and I got married. We starting trying on our honeymoon and got pregnant 4 months later. We ended up having a miscarriage in early December - just days after we had announced the pregnancy to family and friends at Thanksgiving, and 3 days before my 41st birthday. Needless to say, it was absolutely devastating.... still is.

We have now been fairly aggressive with several IUI's with injectibles. Although I have been taking these past few months off to save for our IVF which we'll have at the end of August/ early September. I am currently in the 2WW just trying on our own (day 31 today). I am now 42 and will be 43 in December, so the IVF seems like our best option at this point. I can't believe that it will be almost two years since we've been trying.... no wonder I now have so many gray hairs! :)

Take care and give Hannah a big hug from us all!

~ Linda

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Thu, 07-29-2004 - 11:43am
congrats on your little wonder and thanks for sharing your story