A healthy baby girl

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A healthy baby girl
Sun, 10-26-2008 - 9:44pm

I haven't had a chance to check in for awhile. I have been battling major all day sickness, plus a little depression and panic about being pregnant and changing the dynamic in my family, and I'm old what was I thinking (that kind of stuff)....but I wanted you all to know I had a CVS and we are having a HEALTHY daughter. So hopefully when my hormones calm down and I feel human again I can better embrace this journey. We tried for it a long time so I feel guilty and a little silly to say Im second guessing myself now.

Anyway, I will still check in and give my 2 cents when I have something to offer. Baby dust to all!


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Sun, 10-26-2008 - 9:48pm
Congratulations Jeanne! What a relief to know all is well. Your fears/worries/emotions are perfectly normal -- no doubt baby will change the family dynamic. I'm sure your kids will be just thrilled to have a baby sister. Do they know yet?



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Mon, 10-27-2008 - 9:34am
Jeanne, that is great news! Thanks for keeping us posted. I totally understand your worries, but knowing your baby girl is healthy has got to be worth a lot.

Susan CB

Susan CB

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Mon, 10-27-2008 - 10:18am


Excellent news!! I am very glad that the test went well and that the result are perfect!

Second guessing is a trait of every expectant Mom! Very normal and very natural. You've got your groove going with your present family... and a change will change the groove.

But you (and they) will adapt and things will be great. Busy, but great! That's what I am hoping for in any event.


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Mon, 10-27-2008 - 11:09am

Congrats Jeannie!!



Susan V

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Mon, 10-27-2008 - 6:23pm

Congratulations Jeanne!! I completely understand the second guessing. I think it is a very common part of pregnancy.

Exactly how many weeks and days were you when you did your CVS? I will be scheduling mine tomorrow if all is well in my ultrasound. My OB said 10 weeks but I thought 11 weeks was better.

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Mon, 10-27-2008 - 6:28pm

Hip, Hip, Hooray!


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Mon, 10-27-2008 - 8:48pm

Congrats on a healthy baby girl!!!

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Tue, 10-28-2008 - 10:56pm

Wonderful news.


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Fri, 10-31-2008 - 9:27pm
congratulations on your great results and your healthy baby girl!

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