I am pregnant

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I am pregnant
Fri, 02-25-2011 - 7:48pm

Hi everyone,

I just did two tests and I am pregnant. I can't believe it.


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Sat, 02-26-2011 - 5:18am

Congrats! We had a natural BFP as well. Take care of yourself, get lots of rest and guzzle lots of water.

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Sat, 02-26-2011 - 8:55am

That is great news! I am so happy for you.

We hope you will stay with us and keep us updated on how things are going. Drop us an update down in the BFP or Mom's to Be

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Sat, 02-26-2011 - 11:43am
Congrats! I am very happy for you and wishing you a happy, healthy 9 months!!
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Sun, 02-27-2011 - 6:21am

CONGRATS!!!!!! Hope all is just perfect and that you feel good and enjoy a HAPPY & HEALTHY 9 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!

-Dianne, 41 yo
DH 37

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Sun, 02-27-2011 - 5:06pm


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Mon, 02-28-2011 - 12:46pm

Congrats, awesome news.......I am 40 and hoping for a BFP naturally too!!!!! Will pray you have a happy and healthy pregnancy......

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Tue, 03-01-2011 - 10:35pm

Woo Hoo!! Awesome news!

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Thu, 03-03-2011 - 4:02pm
Wow! Congratulation! That's great. We always love to hear news like that on this board. It's very encouraging. Please post below in the( BFP section) , so you can be part of that circle of ladies. I always look in the section when I need an extra boost :)
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Fri, 03-04-2011 - 1:18pm

Congratulations Gen, I'm so happy for you!

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Wed, 03-09-2011 - 11:50pm
Congratulations!! Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy!!

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