I'm def. not 23!

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I'm def. not 23!
Sat, 02-02-2008 - 1:58pm

I was surfing around looking for some good 1st trimester on-line groups. There is an over 35 TTC list I like, but they don't have an over-35 pg list. There was a long discussion on their general 1st tri list about how they all feel strongly that they need to "shave down there" and how they want to be "clean and smooth" for their doctors and for the delivery.

I have to say, I get a bikini wax when I'm going to the beach, but have never given much thought to getting "cleaned up" for this baby thing.

My first reaction was they were all in their 20's, this is perfectly normal for them, and I am reminded, yet again, that I am not 23. Anyone have any thoughts shaving their private parts for giving birth? Or just in general?

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Sat, 02-02-2008 - 4:17pm

I have to admit I'm still a little self conscious about appearing untidy for the doc but it's so hard to shave in the 3rd trimester that I don't get too worked up about it.

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Wed, 02-06-2008 - 1:17pm

I was going to post earlier, but never got back here...

Completely bare seems a bit much to me, but on a regular day nice landscaping is important. Honestly, at the end of the marathon last month... personal grooming is awkward at best, and darned near impossible at worst. It is the last thing on your mind, and that of your doc... who will have see it all.

I agree with Stella, a little older and wiser is a good thing!


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Wed, 02-06-2008 - 11:00pm

Thanks *a lot* ladies!

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Sun, 02-17-2008 - 10:25pm

Hi, I'm late to this party and I've never had a doctor look at me down there while giving birth since I never made it that far...but having had multiple IUIs and IVFs done, I can tell you that I got used to the doctors and nurses seeing me in all my naked glory and I don't think they gave a whoo hoo whether I was shaved or unshaved (usually the latter!)! LOL I just made sure I was clean and showered. I remember an OB friend once telling me about how she almost passed out a few times from patients who weren't the most hygienic down there...

Anyhow, I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that the reason for pubic hair was that it protected germs from entering that area. I have no idea if that is medically sound or not, but when I was pregnant, I didn't want to tempt fate by bothering with anything down there. (And I'm lucky--I'm not a hairy person except on my head! LOL!)

Some women also told me that back in the day--maybe 20 or 30 years ago--doctors used to shave women prior to birth (maybe so they could see everything better? I have no idea!).

I say if you want to, go for it. If not, don't worry about it. If it were me, I know I couldn't be bothered. The last thing you'll be worrying about is whether you're not trimmed enough and as for the medical staff...well...they've seen it all!



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Sun, 03-16-2008 - 3:49pm
I usually try to stay "landscaped" as much as possible while pregnant. I am in my last month of pregnancy and must say I've let it go a little more than usual due to...well, just not being able to see of course. I will not completely shave (as I have many times post-pregnancy), but a "bikini" type shave and trim will have to do the job. Just because I hate hair to begin with, not because I'm worried about what the doctors/nurses think. I know they've seen it all.