sending you all my extra baby dust!

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sending you all my extra baby dust!
Mon, 07-19-2004 - 9:59pm
The sweetest love of my life and i have been blessed with three *over 40* babies! Our first baby was born when i was 40, another baby at age 42 and then (after 3 early losses) our last child was born just before i turned 47. Sending you all the very brightest of wishes for a child...and all that extra baby dust i will no longer be needing ;o)

Hugs to all of you...

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Tue, 07-20-2004 - 2:03am
TY for posting this. It sure gives me hope, and I am feeling so discouraged. I've had 2 over 40, also, and am hoping for a third now, at 46.

May I ask what you did after the losses to make your baby stick? I have had a few chemical pg's this year.

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Tue, 07-20-2004 - 1:07pm

Thank you so much for the encouraging words. You give me (and us all) such great hope!!!

Thank you for sharing!

~ Linda

42yo TTC#1