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Tue, 09-21-2004 - 8:47am
I wanted to update on my pregnancy. There is mixed news. I had a very low progesterone level (6.7) which is an indicator of a bad pregnancy. My OB ordered supplements which I am still taking. I went last week for a sonar and 2nd progesterone level. My progesterone level was 12.2 on the supplements. Although I was 7 weeks (am 8 weeks now)the fetus measured 6 weeks. There was a heartbeat. My OB said I may have ovulated late. I don't think so, as my cycles were regular. I asked him if the growth is truly behind by a week does that mean a miscarriage is imminent; he did not know. So basically I am in a wait-and-see mode. I go back in exactly one week for my first official OB visit and another sonar. I hope the news is positive, but I am preparing for a possible failed pregnancy. So far no spotting or cramping.

I will update next Tuesday.


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Tue, 09-21-2004 - 9:43am
Isn't the waiting the worst?!?!

Augh - I can't tell you how many silent prayers I've said....and how many thousands of spoken ones. I had my first u/s last week at 8wk 3d and the heartbeat was 160 but I know with my age that anything can change and so I still worry and pray, worry and pray.

Hang in there and send as much positive sctuff toward your baby as you can....and try and relaxe....that's what I'm trying to do.....

It's so hard though - I really know what you're going through.

So lots of sticky vibes and good strong heartbeats and growth spurts and all that too you!