Update 3rd U/S

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Update 3rd U/S
Thu, 06-17-2004 - 10:06am
Hi Ladies,

Sorry I haven't been very active this week. I have been so busy between running to Drs appointments & trying to cover my photo jobs that I can't do now that I come home & start to get on the computer & feel tired & crampy & figure I had better lay down. I am pretty paranoid with this PG as I have never made it past week 9 in my other PG's, always M/Cing. As some of you know I am on meds & treatment now that should make the difference but I am still very nervous & decided to get horizontal whenever I start to feel too tired or too crampy.

I went to a wedding on Saturday that I was supposed to shoot & hired a photog that I used to assist. I stayed for part of the day with the intenetion of setting up shots for him & although he is very nice he didn't listen too much & changed what I wanted a lot. The pix already came back & I am very disappointed. I hope the bride will be happy. And to think he has been shooting longer than me. Don't want to seem picky but he has a lot to learn still. This is giving me stress that I don't need right now & I just don't know what to do about my other commitments. It is so hard to find good help. On top of all this my brother's wife is a real nut & she has been driving us all crazy for years. Looks like they will be splitting & he is having a really bad time with her.

Sunday I had a lot of errands & Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday I had Drs appointements & they are all 3 hours round trip so I was wiped out. I shouldn't complain I am glad they are keeping close tabs on me but have to make a better schedule to avoid all this travelling.

Anyway my OB sent me to a sonogram specialist & they wanted to see me right away so that was yesterday's appt. I am definitely having twins & they saw a yolk sac in each gestational sac. So far so good. My RE wants to see me tomorrow & hopefully by next week we will see the fetal poles & get the HB's!! Of course I will be terrified with each visit at least until I get past that 9 week mark but probably really won't feel any relief until after 12 weeks when I should be in a safer zone so keep praying for me!!! I really need these guys to stick around this time!!!

Anyway thats my update!!

I'll keep you posted!!

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Thu, 06-17-2004 - 11:01am

Lisa I was just going to send out a search party to find you.


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Thu, 06-17-2004 - 2:40pm
Hi Lisa,

Please take everything at work in stride, like a duck lets water roll off its back, same with you! You must not let any strife register in your emotions. Become mechanical in nature when something upsetting happens at work or with your sisterinlaw. You are the #1 priority in your life and treat yourself as such.

Also, rest, rest, rest. Make sure that rest becomes your priority which it sounds like you are doing. Watch a lot of TV if it makes you mindless and does not upset you. Watch mindless comedy sitcomes :-) Have your dh rent mindless fluffy videos. Let your dh take on your troubles for you during the next 9 months!!

Take care!!!


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Fri, 06-18-2004 - 1:56pm

I am so excited for you!! Please take good care of yourself. I am thinking great thoughts for you and the little ones.....

We'll be trying IVF in August (needed to postpone for a few months), so you have given me great hope!

~ Linda